Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tentacles instead of Toes

It’s no big secret that tentacled sea creatures have been all the rage in the world of Indie arts and crafts for sometime now. Variations on the squid and the octopus were bounded to happen, I just wasn’t expecting a Victorian slant. That’s right Victorian as in big houses with gingerbread woodwork, frilly dresses with bustles and guys with skinny mustaches and top hats. Think 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea meets The Age of Innocence.

A fun example I first spotted on the Fabulist was the work of Dan Hiller. He has an amazing set of prints with mom, dad and their daughter all half man half cellaphod. Enter Modofly who makes the prints portable in the form of journals.

Perhaps my favorite of all the Octopus people is the work of Ray Cesar. I first stumbled upon Ray in an issue of Juxtapoz Magazine and was mesmerized. Ray often works with the theme of Victorian lady/girls that just so happen to have tentacles instead of toes. Ebb Tide is a perfect example.

Of course Etsy artists, who are often more ahead of the curve than most have their fair share of examples. Starting at the top corner we have Ten Arms for You by The Black Apple, Edward by 315 Thomas, Octo Girl by Cicada Field Journal and Hunters Princess by Anne Julie.

I’m waiting with baited breath for half jellyfish people from the 80’s. Feathered hair and blue eye shadow on top with stringy tentacles on the bottom.


Knit 1 for the Road said...

Great Blog - definitely putting you in my FAVS! BEST WISHES to you both...Marg

White Hot Magik said...

Cool art. Thanks for posting it.

tamdoll said...

This is fascinating. I knew about the trend... but this takes it to a whole new level. I almost prefer this to all the cute octopi I've seen around.

-will heron said...

i heart octo-pie.

i think you mean cephalopod, not cellaphod.

187 said...

it's probably a result of people subconsciously remembering a song, "victorian squid"from you and oblivion by r. hitchcock.

no need to thank me, just vote democratic ;-)