Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Goodbye Gladiators, Hello Gaiters

Last winter I became slightly obsessed with colored spats to be worn on boots. I never got around to snagging a pair before the Texas heat crept up on me and it was too late. Spring and summer rolled around and with it amazing knee high gladiator sandals from Balenciaga that had me drooling. Now that I have gladiators in silver, gold, black and copper I needed a new direction to turn, a new shoe quest to go on. A random spin through Etsy brought the work of Les Frivolities to my attention. Her line of Corseted Gaiters smack of hipster Victorian goodness. Almost any shoe can instantly be transformed with just a few snaps or fastens of a button. Choose between short or tall, several different designs and a rainbow of colors. Wish the red pair came in green, Les Frivolities takes custom orders. Not to mention if the leather gaiters offend your Vegan sensibilities they can also be made in non-leather materials.

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