Thursday, July 3, 2008

hypercolor my world

I've been seeing a few random hypercolor shirts here and there lately, as soon as I saw one I KNEW the hipsters would be tripping all over their Tom's sneakers to slip into one. Today I saw that American Apparel had added the gem to their line-up, so I know it is totally, one hundred and thirty percent official: hypercolor is back. Expect to see this at every bar with a eurotrash thursday night DJ for the next few months. Here are a few of the designs you may come across:

The ladies could be rockin any of these adorable options from Anzevino and Florence (don't worry, they have manly versions too). Hopefully all the girls will also have that haircut because it is cute cute cute!

If you're looking for something a little more old skool hypercolor, this baggy tee may be the one for you:

Available at Body Faders, they are calling their (rather extensive) line of hypercolor shirts dyenamic infusion. Is hypercolor trademarked? I guess so... this may make our frantic hypercolor google search difficult, but I trust we can do it.

Incase all the funny handprints on everyone's shirts aren't enough to make you forget the horrible pit-stains you get from clothes that change color with heat, but you still want to get on the color bus, how about you go with this fancy bench:

The swamp lounge available from Visual Reference Studio. This is part of a series of hypercolor benches from lead artists Nuno Goncalves Ferreira & Erin Hayne. The designers also make hypertouch walls and, guess what!!? their website is hypercolor too! (of course, they're calling it thermosensitive. tomato, tomAto.)

Whatever you choose to call the new hypercolor incarnate, get used to seeing it all about town.

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