Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hells Bells I Love Cells!

Are they molecules, honeycombs, bubbles, blood cells? Whatever they are I am seeing them everywhere and having health class text book flashbacks. Not just becuase of the pictures inside but because I was a compulsive bubble doodler. I would draw circles, cirlces, circles inside of those circles and more circles. So there is also something soothing and familar about the art. Our first example is by Ashley G and is called You Make Me Happy.

To celebrate my new found love of this pattern I am doing a synchronized Naughty Secretary Club and Badassical post with different examples. I am finding the pattern on everything from pottery to prints.

Abstract Bubbles Necklace by Bumble Sea, Set of 6 Orange and Creme Bubbles Card by Crafterall and Cloud Ring by Alisa Miller.

Serving Bowl by Michelle Antonisse, Accumulated Propagation by Scribble n Scratch and Mini Salt Pinch by Michelle Antonisse.

SEIZE - screenprinted wooden cuff bracelet - beech by Sara Schalliol, Honeycomb Necklace by Brevity and Estrogen Molecule Earrings - in 14K solid gold by Made with Molecules

Radiolaria Bracelet by Nervous System, Coral Bowl by Element Clay Studio and Growing Dress Mini Print by Eek Design.


M. B. Karger said...

What an awesome round-up of circular and molecular goodness. Thanks for including my cards!

Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club said...

How could I not include your amazing cards they were one of my favorites of the collection!

sterin said...

I love that resiny bracelet thing so much!!!

-will heron said...

ashley g is dope.
the little dude wing of our place (billy's room and my studio) is littered with her stuff.

now i just need to get working on my eskimo....